In Estonia you will be living in a highly connected society, with free wireless Wi-Fi almost everywhere. Many of everyday activities are made easier with various IT solutions: register a company with as little as 18 minutes, buy a cinema ticket with your mobile phone app, park your car with phone, register courses online etc. Entrepreneurship and innovative solutions are highly welcomed in Estonia, which has a strong start-up community and has also become known as the new Silicon Valley of Europe.

Higher education in this small EU state comes at a good value, with relatively low tuition fee programmes, living costs and various scholarships for international students. As a student in Estonia you can take advantage of various discounts and special offers generated especially for full time students. Moreover, it is possible for international students to combine their studies with a part-time or full-time job and get some extra income to cover the living costs during studies.


Student life in Estonia is full of activities and events. There are various organizations and events that help foreign students to settle into Estonian life and create a social network in the country. They organize a huge variety of events for international students, such as excursions, company visits, trips and social gatherings, photo competitions, visiting the ballet, bike trips, quiz tournaments etc. Besides this, universities also have different student clubs and interest groups, that help to foster student`s unique identities and develop their special skills. At the beginning of each academic year universities usually organize a special event for all new international students in order to provide practical information about studying and living in Estonia. New students will get to know their fellow students, tutors, faculty, staff, university buildings and the city, where they are about to start studying.

After class, scholars enjoy opportunities to wander the medieval streets of Estonian old towns, attend concerts, participate in the lively night-life of modern clubs and bars, or escape into the riches of preserved nature endless forests, picturesque lakes, and white beaches.


Survival Guide


In order to make your settling in more easy, Study in Estonia has prepared a Survival Guide for International Students. All new students will receive a  printed version of it when they start their studies. This comprehensive information package (information, vocabulary, calendar, bucket list) can also be downloaded as a mobile/tablet application for IOS and Android users.

To be noted: we are currently updating the app and it will be available in coming months.

Estonia is waiting for YOU!